Evolution of online poker

People are playing poker for a long time. When there was no internet, it was played offline. Now, it is played online also. Online gaming is more efficient and easy, but one should know how it all started. Here are the points that will tell you the evolution story of poker online.

Early days of online poker

We all know that online poker is not a new game. It started in the ’90s. At that time, the technology and the software were not that advanced. People use to call this game virtual poker at that time. The reason behind this name is that, it was not used to earn money but just to have fun. We used to use Internet Relay Chat for playing it.

Due to the snow technology and software, One had to directly insert the commands. One had to wait for the next command to come from the other side. The format of the game of that time was like the free trial format of today’s game. Those who don’t know about it, you can play a free trial in the beginning. You cannot earn money through that. However, you will get real experience. With time, the technology improved and we saw a completely changed game format.

The real online poker

The real online poker games started in the year 1998. This was the time when people started getting real money for the game they played. The first online platform offering real poker games was Planet Poker. It started in the year 1998. Mike Caro was an author and he became the face of this platform daftar idn poker. After that, a lot of sites emerged and provided platforms. People can come and play poker on these sites and can earn money. We all know the power of the internet. People use to play the game and would suggest the same to their friends. The games became very popular because of that. In this way, a lot of online platforms gained popularity overnight. Thus, poker was no longer new and virtual.

Poker today

Though the real poker was started in the year 1998, it went through a lot of changes after that. The online platforms introduced new features in their games. Different websites have different features. However, there is one common feature of all the websites. This common feature is the feature of a satellite tournament. This is the tournament that helps the winners in getting into real-life poker. This also makes the poker online gaming interesting. The secret of the popularity of poker today is the introduction of new tournaments. The old sites introduce new tournaments. Adding to that, new sites are also introduced. All of them attract new players to join and the game becomes more popular. Thus, the result is that today we all know about it.

These points tell us about the evolutionary of history of online poker. It is not important, but interesting to know about it. The true poker player must have found it interesting and informative.